"If reading books is to survive as a leisure activity - and there are statistics which show that this is by no means assured - then we have to promote the joys of reading rather than the (dubious) benefits."
- Nick Hornby, The Complete Polysyllabic Spree

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"(…) Now will you kindly bite my tail off? Just the very end will do, you know.”
As he made his peculiar request, the Devil flicked hist tail so that the soft spade-tip hovered just a few inches in front of Bubnoff’s lips. (…)
“I suppose,” he said, “your tail will taste positively awful!”
“I beg your pardon!” the other said, his feelings a trifle ruffled. “My tail will taste exactly like whatever food you wish to taste. Go ahead, imagine any culinary delight whatever - that is what my tail’s flavour will resemble.”
Wery well,” Ivan said, after a moment’s thought, “I am partial to pickles and syrup.” He bit a tail…
The Devil did not lie. His tail tasted like pickles and syrup (with just a trace of brimstone)."
- Ivan Turgenev ‘Bubnoff and the Devil”, from ‘Masterpieces of Terror and the Supernatural’ edited by Marvin Kaye

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"Then Uncle Auberon spread the Raven Child’s dreams out on the table and peered at them through little wire spectacles."
- Susanna Clarke - The Ladies of Grace Adieu

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