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    • goth subculture 
    • folklore and mythology
    • crocheting
    • horror/fantasy vintage paperback covers
    • old trees & forests
    • art (XIX/early XX century & older, preferably darker/symbolic works)
    • The Golden Age of Illustration
    • Halloween (preferably vintage)
    • abandoned places & ruins
    • doom metal
    • 60s & 70s rock music (preferably focused on less popular and forgotten bands)
    • DYI jewellery
    • black cats
    • gothic novels and XIX/early XX century ghost stories
    • Cthulhu & other Lovecraftian things (preferably funny or vintage)
    • Hammer Horror & other old horror movies
    • traditional ballads

goth folklore nature art dyi illustration abandoned doom metal halloween


The true essence of the macabre. Using unconventional and unique materials such as pressed coral, pressed bone and inlaid semiprecious stones, pearls and metals, Macabre Gadgets create individual, timeless pieces which are the pinnacle of avant-garde, luxury jewellery. 

Available HERE. Free shipping worldwide.

(via gotyk-forum)

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