This Kitten Thinks She’s A Pit Bull, And It’s Too Cute For Words

From the day she came home, Matilda the foster kitten has been obsessed with Lisa Revella Morabito’s pit bulls. And Morabito has a lot of pit bulls to capture this girl’s not-always-completely-useful attention.

"She tries to nurse off of Spike," says Morabito, "which is funny since he’s our only male dog."

Spike, the boy, is 9 years old, and, no, he is not lactating. Piglet is a deaf 8-year-old pit mix who was rescued from a dog fighting situation about seven years ago, and is now a therapy dog. Betty White, also a pit, is 7 years old and was brought to BARCS — the Baltimore animal shelter where Morabito is director of operations — about a year and a half ago with severe burns, and now visits schools as part of a humane education program.

Matilda turned up at BARCS as a skinny stray and Morabito incorporated the kitten into the household “to get her fattened up and socialize her,” she says.

It’s gone remarkably well. “Her cuddling with all of the animals is adorable” Morabito says. “Once the afternoon hits and the dogs have been fed and walked, they retreat for napping and Matilda joins them then for cuddling.”

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